Warranty Time

- Within the warranty period, defects related to product, material and production faults will be sent free of charge.
- Warranty time is 24 months.
- The warranty period begins with the purchase of the product by the first end consumer. The date on the original purchasing document is taken from here.

Warranty Coverage

The following faults are not covered by warranty:

- Parts subject to wear or various natural abrasion, as well as other natural abrasion-related failures due to usage in the area.
- Failure to observe the instruction manual may result in defects resulting from improper use, abnormal environmental conditions, inappropriate operating conditions, excessive force, incomplete maintenance or protection.
- Damages and failures that result in the use of accessories, spare parts or spare parts not originally made of the Demirci Makina.
- Products that have been altered or supplemented.

Exchange and Return

- The fault or error which we assume to be covered by the guarantee obligation shall be resolved by replacing the defective product with our choice free of charge or by a defective product. Replaced products or parts will be returned to us and ownership belongs to us.
- Warranty claim application must be made within the warranty period. For this, the relevant product must be submitted in full with the original purchasing document which includes the date of purchase and the description of the production.
- Any other claim to remedy any defects that are made outside these warranty terms does not cover in the warranty.
- Warranty service does not extend the warranty period of the product and cannot be renewed.

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